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Updated – 1st January 2020
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JSKD Championships

Our annual championships are now here, the categories are as follows.

The categories are subject to change depending on entries.

Download and complete the entry form 

Entry Form PDF

Entry Form Word

Return via email to or hand in at class


Little Tigers 4 – 8 yellow belt and below

Little Tigers 4 – 8 4-6th Kyu

Tigers 9-11 7th Kyu And Below

Tigers 9-11 4th – 6th kyu

12 – 15 6th Kyu and Below

under 16 3rd kyu and above

Seniors 16+ 4th Kyu And Below

Seniors 16+ 3rd Kyu And Above Female

Seniors 16+ 3rd Kyu And Above Male

Teams Kids

Team Adults


Little Tigers 4 – 8

Boys – 9 -12

Girls 9 – 12

Boys 13 – 15

Girls 13 – 15



Girls 16-17

Kyokutan 7th Invite

A great competition and results which can be found on the competitions page.  Well done all who took part, everyone represented the club fantastically well.

JSKD Durham Open

Junsui Shotokan Karate Do will be hosting a Open competition on the 6th July 2019 at Belmont Community School.  Anyone interested please get in touch.


JSKD is now on Instagram, click on the instagram image and check out all of our students achievements!

Black Belt Grading

Junsui Shotokan Karate Do held its first grading of the year with 3 candidates for 1st Dan Black Belt and 2 Candidates for Shodan-Ho. All the candidates were put through a 3 hour grading testing Kihon (Basics), Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring) the grading also included for the 1st Dan Candidates a teaching exam held prior and a essay on what Karate meant to them.

On the grading was also our youngest candidates yet for 1st Dan Rachel Osbaldestin and Shodan-Ho Jessica Henderson. They graded alongside Katelyn Payne, Hannah Potvliege and Jasmine Henderson with also a couple of students helping and giving the grading ago alongside. There was a panel of 5 examiners ranging in grade from 1st Dan to 5th Dan. All have been on a fantastic journey not just at JSKD as a couple of students have joined from other clubs and continued their journey to improve what they have already learned. Sensei Steven was very impressed of how far all have come since they started at the club and all are fantastic role models for the students coming through the ranks at JSKD.

Hannah and Rachel started Karate with JSKD, Rachel started aged 5 years old and is now the youngest ever black belt at JSKD. Hannah has developed and taken on board Sensei’s feedback with a constant drive to improve and is now a well deserved 1st Dan. Katelyn joined from another club in September 2017 and has been driven to improve her Karate and like Hannah is hard to keep out of the Dojo, Katelyn has soaked up the knowledge passed on from the Sensei’s and is a natural talent deserving of this award. Jasmine and Jessica also joined from another club in February 2018 and found adapting at first a little difficult, all students and Sensei’s rallied around them and supported them on their journey. Now both can be found supporting other in the same way, they have both improved and learned so much and constantly improve. Now they have passed Shodan-Ho they can begin to piece altogether and work towards their 1st Dan.

I would like to congratulate all on their fantastic achievement, Sensei Steven.

The essays can be found here, Rachel, Hannah, Katelyn

Iain Abernethy Seminar

Junsui Shotokan Karate Do hosted an Iain Abernethy seminar on the 26th January 2019, the seminar was on the use of the Heian (Pinan) Series in modern day self-defence.

We were joined with participants from many different local clubs and some from further afield, all enjoyed the fantastic seminar and the fun and practical way Iain delivered.

We look forward to be able to host further seminars in the future


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