Durham Junsui Shotokan Karate Club

Gradings 2016

The club adopts a standard Shotokan Karate Belt system, the grades below are represented by the following belt colours.

For the 9-13 year olds, for motivational purposes only tags are achieved before been able to grade to the next belt. Tags are free of charge!

New for 2016 a new Little Tigers Syllabus has been developed to aid the 4-8 years achieve and develop their Karate, more belts have been added to the syllabus and the lesson price lowered. Any queries please contact us info@durhamjunsuikarate.co.uk

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9th Kyu - Orange Belt
8th Kyu - Red Belt
7th Kyu - Yellow Belt
6th Kyu - Green Belt
5th Kyu - Purple Belt
4th Kyu - Purple White Belt
3rd Kyu - Brown Belt
2nd Kyu - Brown White Belt
1st Kyu - Brown 2 White Belt
1st Dan - Black Belt


The following Grades have been achieved in 2016.

18th December 2016

Samantha Shenton - 7th Kyu
Alex Michie - 7th Kyu
Jonny Michie - 7th Kyu
Charlotte Hedley - 5th Kyu
Karl Sichert - 1st Kyu

27th November 2016

Betsie Cleworth - 9th Kyu
Mark Phelps - 3rd Kyu
Jack Strangward - 3rd Kyu

15th October 2016

Hannah Potvliege - 7th Kyu

25th September 2016

Carl Sholvin - 2nd Dan

24th September 2016

Samantha Shenton - 8th Kyu
Jonny Michie - 8th Kyu
Alex Michie - 8th Kyu
Jichun Li - 8th Kyu
Charlotte Hedley - 6th Kyu
David Mathias - 6th Kyu
Simon Mathias - 6th Kyu

31st July 2016

Kim Hedley - 2nd Dan

16th July 2016

Mark Phelps - 4th Kyu
Jack Strangward - 4th Kyu

10th July 2016

Alex Michie - 9th Kyu
Sam Shenton - 9th Kyu

26th June 2016

Sarah Bell - 3rd Kyu
Aaron Lloyd - 2nd Kyu

25th June 2016

Jonathan Michie - 9th Kyu
Charlotte Hedley - 7th Kyu

2nd June 2016

Ben Shovlin - Shodan Ho
Helena Shovlin - Shodan Ho

21st May 2016

Jichun Li - 9th Kyu
Philip Heath - 8th Kyu

1st May 2016

Jack Strangward - 5th Kyu

30th April 2016

George Gazis - 6th Kyu
Mark Phelps - 5th Kyu

26th March 2016

Robert Song - 9th Kyu
Jamie Song - 9th Kyu
Charlotte Hedley - 8th Kyu

27th February 2016

Philip Heath - 9th Kyu
Michelle Gunton - 8th Kyu
David Mathias - 7th Kyu
Simon Mathias - 7th Kyu

4th February 2016

Katie Strangward - 1st Dan


The following Grades have been achieved in 2016. Tigers can achieve the standard Shotokan grading belts as above and tags between grades.

27th November 2016

Leo - 9th Kyu
Cindy Huang - 9th Kyu
Mia Gamble - 3rd Kyu
Owen Alderson - 3rd Kyu

16th July 2016

Ben Vickers - 8th Kyu
Mia Gamble - 4th Kyu
Owen Alderson - 4th Kyu

30th April 2016

Owen Alderson - 5th Kyu
Mia Gamble - 5th Kyu
Corey Carr - 5th Kyu

27th February 2016

Hannah Potvliege - 8th Kyu

30th January 2016

Junjun Qin - 8th Kyu
Owen Alderson - 6th Kyu
Mia Gamble - 6th Kyu

Tigers Tags

The following Grades have been achieved in 2016. Tigers can achieve the standard Shotokan grading belts as above and tags between grades.

20th December 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Chloe Hall

19th December 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Stephen Robbins
10th Kyu 1st Tag - Faith Robbins
10th Kyu 1st Tag - James Jones
10th Kyu 2nd Tag - Jagjeet Nayyar

17th December 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Ebony-Mae Taylor
10th Kyu 1st Tag - Lexi Potter
10th Kyu 1st Tag - Rebecca Pearson

13th December 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Aiden Tasker
10th Kyu 1st Tag - Travis Fox

3rd December 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Jagjeet Nayyar
10th Kyu 1st Tag - Cameron Richardson

7th November 2016

10th Kyu 2nd and 3rd Tag - Leo
6th November 2016

10th Kyu 2nd and 3rd Tag - Cindy Huang

2nd October 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Leo

25th September 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Cindy Huang

19th June 2016

10th Kyu 1st Tag - Callum Blakey

7th June 2016

9th Kyu 1st Tag - Ben Vickers

19th January 2016

7th Kyu 3rd Tag - Owen Alderson
7th Kyu 3rd Tag - Mia Gamble

17th January 2016

9th Kyu 1st Tag - Junjun Qin

12th January 2016

7th Kyu 2nd Tag - Owen Alderson
7th Kyu 2nd Tag - Mia Gamble

Little Tigers

The following Little Tigers Grades have been achieved in 2016.

19th December 2016

Lee Jobes - 18th Kyu
Zachary Beresford - 17th Kyu

18th December 2016

Rachel Osbaldestin - 6th Kyu

27th November 2016

Kevin Yang - 13th Kyu

15th October 2016

Jared Tague - 18th Kyu
Mason Attle - 18th Kyu
Juliet Sanders - 18th Kyu
Kaitlyn Sanders - 18th Kyu
Rueben Calvert - 18th Kyu
Tom Barnes - 18th Kyu
Ellie-Louise Darvill - 18th Kyu
Aiden Foster - 17th Kyu
Damon Deagle-Simpson - 17th Kyu
Ethan McGregor - 17th Kyu
Callum Bell - 17th Kyu
Andre Bethapudi - 16th Kyu
Jack Ogden - 16th Kyu
Charlie Harrison - 16th Kyu
Daniel Bell - 13th Kyu

24th September 2016

Zachary Beresford - 18th Kyu
Niki Walker - 18th Kyu
Ruixuan Li - 10th Kyu
Aiden Hedley - 10th Kyu
Peter Mathias - 9th Kyu
Evan Alderson - 9th Kyu
Emily Wilson - 7th Kyu
Rachel Osbaldestin - 7th Kyu
Dylan Robinson - 7th Kyu

26th July 2016

Charlie Harrison - 17th Kyu

16th July 2016

Damon Deagle-Simpson - 18th Kyu
Aiden Foster - 18th Kyu
Ethan McGregor - 18th Kyu
Callum Bell - 18th Kyu
Jack Ogden - 17th Kyu
Andre Bethapudi - 17th Kyu

25th June 2016

Dylan Robinson - 8th Kyu

21st May 2016

Logan Luke - 18th Kyu
Molly Brown - 18th Kyu
Daniel Bell - 14th Kyu
Isla Scott - 12th Kyu
Ruixuan Li - 11th Kyu
Aiden Hedley - 11th Kyu
Peter Mathias - 10th Kyu
Evan Alderson - 10th Kyu
Emily Wilson - 8th Kyu
Rachel Osbaldestin - 8th Kyu
Emily Bell - 7th Kyu

30th April 2016

Andre Bethapudi - 18th Kyu
Lewis Carter - 18th Kyu
Charlie Harrison - 18th Kyu
Jack Ogden - 18th Kyu
Oliver Dixon - 18th Kyu

27th February 2016

Daniel Bell - 15th Kyu
Isla Scott - 13th Kyu
Ruixuan Li - 12th Kyu
Aiden Hedley - 12th Kyu
Peter Mathias - 11th Kyu
Evan Alderson - 11th Kyu
Emily Wilson - 9th Kyu
Rachel Osbaldestin - 9th Kyu
Dylan Robinson - 9th Kyu
Emily Bell - 8th Kyu