Gradings 2014


Gradings 2014

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The following Students have passed the below Gradings in 2014

2nd December

Stevielee Archer – 8th Kyu

21st October

John Malia – 5th Kyu

19th October

Katie Strangward – 4th Kyu

Ben Marley – 4th Kyu

23rd September

Noah Bones – 9th Kyu

Dylan Robinson – 9th Kyu

Emily Wilson – 9th Kyu

Rachel Osbaldestin – 9th Kyu

William Thornton – 9th Kyu

Dylan Heywood – 9th Kyu

Stevie Green – 9th Kyu

Emily Bell – 8th Kyu

10th August

Callum Hutchinson – 9th Kyu

George Gazis – 9th Kyu

Aspasia Christodoulou – 9th Kyu

29th July

Sarah Bell – 7th Kyu

29th June

Katie Strangward – 5th Kyu

20th May

Stevielee Archer – 9th Kyu

29th April

Emily Bell – 9th Kyu

Sarah Bell – 8th Kyu

Eden Malia – 8th Kyu

23rd March

Katie Strangward – 6th Kyu

John Malia – 6th Kyu

Ben Marley – 5th Kyu

Aaron Lloyd 4th Kyu

25th February

Jonathan Robinson – 4th Kyu

11th February

Alex Frost – 6th Kyu

9th February

Sarah Bell – 9th Kyu

Corey Carr – 8th Kyu

26th January

Nathan Haywood – 1st Dan

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