Gradings 2019

The club adopts a standard Shotokan Karate Belt system, the grades below are represented by the following belt colours.

For the 9-13 year olds, for motivational purposes only tags are achieved before been able to grade to the next belt. Tags are free of charge!

New for 2016 a new Little Tigers Syllabus has been developed to aid the 4-8 years achieve and develop their Karate, more belts have been added to the syllabus and the lesson price lowered. Any queries please contact us

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9th Kyu – Orange Belt
8th Kyu – Red Belt
7th Kyu – Yellow Belt
6th Kyu – Green Belt
5th Kyu – Purple Belt
4th Kyu – Purple White Belt

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

2nd Kyu – Brown White Belt
1st Kyu – Brown 2 White Belt
1st Dan – Black Belt


The following Grades have been achieved in 2019

23rd March 2019

Claire Scholfield – 9th Kyu
Gary Carr – 9th Kyu
Stephen Findley – 8th Kyu
Mohamed Bacha – 8th Kyu
Mark Dixon – 8th Kyu
Chris Sterling – 8th Kyu
Roza Bacha – 8th Kyu
Elicia Baldwin – 7th Kyu
Eleanor Stoves – 6th Kyu
Beth Turnbull – 6th Kyu
Robert Song – 6th Kyu
Phil Morris – 6th Kyu
Brian Rowlands – 5th Kyu
Rachel Carr – 5th Kyu
Richard Salmon – 3rd Kyu

9th March 2019

Katelyn Payne – 1st Dan
Hannah Potvliege – 1st Dan


The following Grades have been achieved in 2019. Tigers can achieve the standard Shotokan grading belts as above and tags between grades.

23rd March 2019

Sophia Bacha – 9th Kyu
Angel Lorenzano – 9th Kyu
Lexi Holland – 9th Kyu
Owen Walker – 9th Kyu
Sherrie-Lei Causer – 8th Kyu
Grace Brown – 8th Kyu
Abi Knaggs – 8th Kyu
Lucy Newby – 8th Kyu
Maisy Stephenson – 8th Kyu
Amelia Cort – 8th Kyu
Joshua Cawson – 8th Kyu
Yacine Bacha – 8th Kyu
Libby Piper – 5th Kyu
Liam Lincoln – 5th Kyu
Aiden Hedley – 3rd Kyu

9th March 2019

Jessica Henderson – Shodan-Ho
Jasmine Henderson – Shodan-Ho
Rachel Osbaldestin – 1st Dan

Tigers Tags

The following Grades have been achieved in 2019. Tigers can achieve the standard Shotokan grading belts as above and tags between grades.

Little Tigers

The following Little Tigers Grades have been achieved in 2019.

23rd March 2019

Emily Turner – 18th Kyu
Joseph Bowes – 18th Kyu
Mayson Green – 18th Kyu
Bobby Green – 18th Kyu
Theodore Spencer – 18th Kyu
Harry Bethapudi – 17th Kyu
Elliot Hanson – 17th Kyu
Liam Thompson – 17th Kyu
Harry Knight – 16th Kyu
Olivia Tomlinson – 16th Kyu
Matthew Dixon – 16th Kyu
Eliza Halton – 16th Kyu
Sonny Close – 15th Kyu
Oscar Close – 15th Kyu
Nathan Eilbeck – 15th Kyu
Leonardo Turnbull – 15th Kyu
Dominik Zawadzki – 15th Kyu
Oliver McConnell – 15th Kyu
Harry French – 15th Kyu
Maisie Dixon – 15th Kyu
Jessica Sams – 14th Kyu
Zach Fenwick – 13th Kyu
Madilyn Dawson – 13th Kyu
Ria Bethapudi – 12th Kyu
Rafael Bethapudi – 12th Kyu
Jared Tague – 11th Kyu
Krisraj Bethapudi – 11th Kyu
Gabriel Beresford – 11th Kyu
Alfie Patterson – 11th Kyu
Reuben Calvert – 10th Kyu
Tyler Yarrow – 10th Kyu
Matthew Findley – 10th Kyu
Declen Scott – 10th Kyu
Jack Ogden – 7th Kyu