Steven started training in 1996 and attained his 1st Dan in 1998. During his martial arts Career he has attended courses throughout the country and competed in competitions at all levels and also represented the WUMA British Open Squad.

Sean Smith, his instructor was a massive influence on his martial arts career and Steven’s aim is to carry on the high standard taught and pass on the knowledge passed on to him.

Steven takes great pride watching his students representing the club in competition and looks forward to future success.

His proudest moments are grading his first student through to 1st Dan, Nathan Haywood in January 2014 and first student from white belt to black belt Katie Strangward in February 2016. Another proud moment in July 2017 seeing Aaron Lloyd from White to Black belt becoming the youngest at the age of 13 this record was surpassed by Rachel Osbaldestin in 2019 passing Black Belt at the age of 11.

Another proud moment in 2016 was the opening of a new club ran by Kim Hedley at Hamsteels Community Centre taking JSKD further afield to more students. This has led to further clubs been opened in West Rainton, Willington and Kirk Merrington and when all come together the standard has been maintained and hopes for further growth further afield.

Sensei Steven is looking forward to the future of the club at Belmont Community School and feels the venue in the Sports Hall will provide the club with the building blocks to grow further and reach much more students with the art of Shotokan Karate.

Steven is DBS registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

Kim took up Karate in 1983 just for fun. Within 3 months was hooked. Kim started Karate with the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB).

Kim became intermediate central region Kata champion in 1984, one of her proudest moments in her life.

In the early years of training Kim was lucky enough to have had instruction from Sensei Enoeda and Sensei Kawasoe. Kim achieved 1st Dan with the KUGB and was graded by Sensei Enoeda.

After many years out, bringing up her family Kim realised how much she missed Karate and decided to join Junsui Shotokan Karate Do. One of the best decisions she has ever made. “The clubs family friendly, all-inclusive ethic and Sensei Steven’s knowledge and training techniques makes it one of the best clubs I have had the pleasure training in.”

Kim states she wants to help instruct, the many talented members of this ever growing club which will be her honour.

Kim on the 20th January 2018 became the first student to be graded 3rd Dan by Sensei Steven Beresford.

Kim opened her own club in October 2016 at Hamsteels Community Centre and could not be prouder of the superb community support the club has received. Sensei Steven enjoy spending time there soaking up the great family and community atmosphere within the club.

Sensei Kim is DBS Registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

In October 2017 Laura joined the club after moving to the area for work. “Beginning my karate journey at the age of 8, the sport quickly became a large part of my life. In 2011 I achieved my 1st Dan, and through the years I successfully participated in association competitions and external competitions too. I also achieved the role of assistant instructor at my first club, training new and existing students, helping them progress through their grades.

During my training at home and at university in Glasgow I also had the opportunity to take part in several courses, including courses by Bill Wallace and Calum Robb. These courses enhanced my ability and opened new doors.

When I moved to the area last year for work, I was desperate to find a karate club to continue my training and I came across Junsui Shotokan Karate Do. I couldn’t have hoped to find a more tight-knit, welcoming association.

Since joining Junsui Shotokan Karate Do just over 1 year ago, I have been welcomed into the JSKD family and been pushed to levels I didn’t think I was capable of. It has also been a great way to meet new people. Through my training, I have met so many amazing people and made so many incredible new friends. JSKD is more than just an outlet for karate, it has become a large part of my life here and is a new family to be a part of.

After passing my 2nd Dan in November and receiving my Level 2 Assistant Instructor qualification I’m ready to continue my training and pass on my knowledge. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give back to the club through teaching opportunities and supporting other students through their training.”

Laura is DBS registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

Katie decided a couple of years ago she wanted to do a martial art, to improve her fitness levels, and decided upon Karate. She spent a few weeks trying out different clubs in the Durham area before deciding on this Junsui Shotokan Karate Do. She had already tried out two other clubs before coming along to a trial lesson at this one (as she wanted to make sure she picked the right one) and she immediately felt the Sensei at this Club was professional and had a really good balance between the required discipline in the lessons for this sport and the personal encouragement he gives to develop his students. She didn’t know anyone else at the Club but when she went in she was made to feel really welcome by everyone and have very quickly made lots of new friends.

About a year after joining, She volunteered to start helping Sensei with the training of the ‘Little Tigers’ junior class. “I have thoroughly enjoyed this as I have not only been able to help develop their new Karate skills but I have also developed completely new skills of my own in teaching; all of this helps towards my target of becoming a black belt, too. I should also point out that another added bonus to all of this is that I am now much fitter – I can actually do press-ups now!

So, what I’d say is, if you are considering joining a martial arts club or thinking about any new physical activity, I’d encourage you to come along to our Club and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!”

Katie is the first student to attain 1st Dan and 2nd Dan Black Belt from white belt under Sensei Steven Beresford.

Katie is DBS registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 2 qualification.

Sarah-Jayne started training in karate when she was 11 years old with a KUGB club. She attended and passed gradings with Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Terry O’Neill. Sarah-Jayne achieved her 1st Dan in 1996 with Sensei Enoeda.

“I regrettably had to stop karate when I started work as I couldn’t make training days. I always wanted to come back but I didn’t know if I could do it again. I finally got the courage to start training again when my two children said they wanted to take up karate.

A year ago I walked through the dojo doors at Junsui Shotokan Karate Do and I have never looked back since. The atmosphere in the club was amazing we are one big family. I am looking forward to taking my 2nd Dan with the club, with Sensei Steven’s knowledge and instruction I would not want to take my grade anywhere else.

I am looking forward to passing on all that I have learnt to the students at Willington Junsui Shotokan Karate Do and I am so proud to be part of the Instructors Team.”

Sarah-Jayne is DBS Registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

Carl first took up karate way back in the early 80’s and spent nearly a year learning the basics. Over the years he always meant to start learning again, so when the opportunity to train with his young family came up he restarted again in later life.

He rates this decision as one of the best things he has done and he’s had the privilege to have trained and progressed with some great instructors over the years including Sensei Steven, whose rounded tuition of all facets of karate and high standards Carl constantly learns from.

He feels especially proud seeing the progress students make, especially when mastering a technique they have struggled with or when gaining a new belt.

Carl is DBS registered.

Charlotte always fancied giving karate a go but never had the confidence until her mum started training again.

“The first two lessons were free, so it was well worth a shot. Everyone was really friendly and helpful at the club, which was very welcoming. Two years on and I’ve never looked back.”

Charlotte is now a qualified assistant instructor and helps run the Hamsteels branch of JSKD.

“This is something I never would have thought when I started in 2015. I definitely wouldn’t have thought about karate if it hadn’t been for my Mum, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sensei Steven and JSKD. The atmosphere at the club is amazing, and I’ve made some great friends. I really look forward to my future at JSKD.”

Charlotte is DBS registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

Sarah joined the club in 2013 after she brought her children along.

“I first took my children to Junsui Karate Do looking for a good way to direct their energy. After a couple of weeks of watching I decided to give it a go. At first, I saw it as a fun way to learn something new alongside my children but pretty soon I was hooked. Practising Karate has benefitted me in so many ways, improving my fitness, health and confidence. Sensei Steven has created a family friendly club and the positive culture of the club is what attracted us to it and has kept us coming all of these years. Through trying something new with my children, I have discovered a new passion. What I love about Karate is that it takes a life time to study and where ever you are on that journey there is always something new to learn, meaning you can never grow bored with it. My proudest moment at the club has been becoming an assistant instructor as this gives me the chance to support others in the club, just as I have received support from the Sensei’s and other members of the club.”

Sarah is DBS registered and also holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 1 qualification.

Nathan started karate at a young age due to his interest in martial arts prior to karate. He had took part in kickboxing classes and only went to karate on occasions, he then found Junsui Shotokan Karate Club where I developed more of an interest for karate, Sensei Steven Beresford’s interesting interpretation of basic moves made learning karate fun and engaging.

He continued to learn karate and progress through his grades and doing well competing in many karate and other combat based competition this showed him that the karate he was learning was a high standard and that the club was a great place for him to develop his martial arts.

Junsui Shotokan Karate Club is a great club for new members to progress and learn a good standard of karate in a good environment with other people who want to learn the art of karate.

Nathan is a keen martial artist and currently is training and competing in MMA with TFT, on the 15th April 2018 he won his 1st title an amateur Lightweight Belt in the main event at Rise and Conquer. Nathan also represented Team England in the European Championships IMMAF MMA in 2019 reaching the quarter finals

Nathan is the first student to achieve 1st Dan under Sensei Steven Beresford.

Junior Instructors

Hannah recently joined the junior instructor team as a mentor and will work towards the sempai role after showing great determination after her 7th Kyu grading, Hannah assists teaching at Belmont, Hamsteels and West Rainton. When Hannah first started karate she wasn’t sure she would like it, as she had previously tried judo and didn’t enjoy it very much. However, when she started at the Junsui karate club, she found it fun as well as professional, and most of all it was a chance to learn a new skill. “I didn’t know anyone when I arrived but I found it very easy to make friends with people at the club because they were extremely welcoming and friendly. Now I attend classes at Belmont as well as West Rainton and Hamsteels. I think that the high standard which is taught here is maintained in every class and grading so that every student has a chance to learn as well as to improve skills. I would definitely recommend Junsui Shotokan Karate Do to anyone interested in learning a martial art or wanting to try something new.” Hannah holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 2 qualification and is DBS Registered
“I started karate because I wanted to try something new and my brother recommended junsui Shotokan Karate Do he had previously trained with sensei Steven and believed in his abilities in coaching getting the best from all who attended his sessions making it fun as much as challenging new concepts. So I decided to give it a try , I’m so glad I did, I had gone without knowing anyone and everyone instantly made me feel welcome I have made so many new and good friends. When Sensei Steven first asked to teach I was terrified because I had no idea what to do or say . I worked with Katie, who at the time was a Senpai and now fully graduated to a Sensei!! Katie has been a fantastic support in my time at the club , as she is to all who attend the sessions making people feel welcome and working individually with them to progress their moves and skill set. After only four short weeks of teaching I felt like a new person , I am much more confident in myself and have grown to love teaching. One of my favourite parts of teaching is that both the people/ person I am teaching and myself develop new skills such as confidence, new moves and respect. I would encourage anyone who is maybe thinking of trying something new to come along and give it a try – it’s well worth it !!” Mia holds the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 3 qualification.

Cadet Leaders

“I started Karate when I was 6 years old, I wanted to try something new, so my mam found a karate club called Junsui Shotokan Karate Do and after I done my first session, I thought it was AMAZING, Sensei (Teachers) are nice, everyone is friendly and I personally think that this karate club is the best!” Rachel is setting records at JSKD and is the youngest ever 1st Dan from white belt at JSKD. Rachel holds Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 3.
Rebecca started Karate just to get out of the house and thought she wouldn’t actually like it, but she was wrong.

“I love doing Karate, everyone is nice and when I started Karate I was scared I wasn’t going to fit in and do well. Sensei Kim encouraged me and reassured me I was doing an amazing and each lesson I leave with a smile on my face. This club is like a second family and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Rebecca is working towards the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 3 qualification.

“I joined Karate because mum asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes, I enjoyed doing it because I did it with my mum. I got student of the day and made lots of new friends. I like teaching because it is fun and you pass your knowledge on to the lower grades.” James is also a record setter at JSKD becoming the youngest ever to achieve 3rd Kyu and on course to break Rachel’s record for 1st Dan.
Emily joined the club in 2013 and has progressed well through all little tigers and tigers syllabus. “I started doing Karate when I was 5 and I thought it would be fun to try something new. What I like most about Karate is the people there are nice, everyone helps each other. I like going to competitions, it’s fun to compete against other clubs. I was really happy to get my mentor badge as it means I get to help people more.” Emily is working towards the Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 3 qualification.
Liam joined JSKD when the Willington club was opened, he has gone on to help train the younger students at Hamsteels and Willington. Liam is full of potential and has competed in external and internal competitions placing in both kata and kumite. “I always wanted to learn how to defend myself. I tried martial arts like kickboxing but didn’t enjoy it. I then got into Karate and liked the sport. The Instructors at Junsui Shotokan Karate Do are very skilled and highly qualified.” Liam holds Martial Arts Instructor Training Level 3.
“I joined Karate because I wanted to give it a go after I watched it. I like Karate because it gives you exercise and its really fun learning new things. When I first did it I liked it because I made lots of new friends. It was very exciting starting a new thing. Now, I enjoy it because I get to teach lots of students. I like taking part in competitions and games. I like teaching to help others.” Jessica is a great young student full of potential and part of a great set of young karateka.